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Strategeality is a virtual reality simulation taking place in the year 8,246 B.C. where the player is placed in charge of leading their tribe and the goal of the player is to protect and ensure the survival of their people. To do this, the player can gather resources, raise armies for protection and conquest, and build their tribe to be a strong expansive empire. The game takes inspiration from one of the greatest hits of all time - the PC real-time strategy game series Age of Empires. The player can command around their tribe members to defend their village and explore and conquer new lands and resources, and fight alongside allies and defeat enemy forces.

Current Team

Arthur Baney, Chintan Vachhani, Eduardo Espericueta, and Labhesh Deshpande


Project Ole Red

3D VR Environment Project at SJSU to visualize redwood tree air processing on Mars. The project is working in tandem with multiple projects in association with HP Mars Home Planet initiative. The project is designed to work autonomously as well as potentially collaborate with the challenge projects.

Project Ole Red is looking for 3d Modelers and Programmers willing to learn to work in VR and UE4.


Current Team

Mark Garma, 3D Modeler/Producer
Kevin Prakash, UE4 Programmer


Facial Motion Capture System

Stringless is a real-time, markerless, single-camera facial motion capture system. By using dlib facial landmark detection, Stringless captures facial motion data as a collection of data points and sends it to an Autodesk Maya plug-in, where a user can map the motion capture data to a rigged face model. It was originally built as a pseudo-thesis project at SJSU, but is now a continual work in progress with updates and added features.

For an overview of the system’s design, operation flow, and current issues, please see this presentation, which was given live at the NASA Ames Research Center in June 2017.


GitHub repository


Justin Tennant