Spring 2017 Second Club Meeting ft. Nanci Solomon

Nanci Solomon Talk

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Nanci Solomon talked on her decades-long experience in the VR (virtual reality) industry, being CEO and co-founder of Xulu Entertainment, demonstration on her company’s techonology, and much more. Xulu Entertainment is an online casual gaming and virtual world company that, through advanced game physics, has developed a next-generation social media platform for over the past 20 years.


  • “Introduction to” Lectures/Workshops
    • Due to the majority’s request, the club officers brainstormed a list of various topics that may be for this semester’s upcoming events.
    • Let us know what you’d want to have a lecture/workshop on
    • Vote here
  • Officer positions
    • Passionate about Computer Graphics? Need leadership experience? Computer Graphics Club will be renewing board positions for the academic year 2017-2018, and also have new ones available. Kindly finish the application by the last week of April for priority consideration
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  • SVVR (Silicon Valley Virtual Reality)
    • For those of you going to SVVR 2017 Expo this year, the hosts are giving discount codes for $200 off their Early Access and General Admission registration, and $50 off expo-only registration! Use the promo code: SVVR2017FRIENDS
    • Do you have a VR project available to demo? SVVR is looking for communities and groups to showcase their work, and the Computer Graphics Club can represent you and your projects at the expo! Email Justin ( for more information
  • Website
    • If you have any projects that you would like to showcase on our website, please email our treasurer, Sam (

Activities & Club Development:

  • A Journey into Virtual Worlds (Nanci Solomon talk)
    • Next Generation Virtual Worlds
      • Unparalleled quality and realism
      • Arbitrarily large birtual worlds
      • “Lifelike” bots, creatures and humans
      • Socializing, gaming and exchange all in one worlds
      • Easy content generation by novice users
    • Original Founding Team
      • Jim Solomon, founder of Cadence Design (SDA)
      • Nanci Solomon, Fairchild ASIC applications, Dataquest analyst, founder & CEO of two-high tech media companies
      • Jose Santos, chief architect of EDA Open Access
      • Alex Njmeh, supervisor and “final eye” at Disney
      • Mindy Lam, Cadence Software Engineer and Tools Developer
      • Robyn Coultas, Cadence Software Engineer
      • Rich Valencia
    • Building Blocks — virtual world, tools and library, and core technology
    • Key Software Technologies include open framework, physics simulation engine, customizable actor libraries, distributed network architecture, graphics rendering engine, range from open framework, physics simulation engine to UI subsystem, tool suites, etc.
    • Projects:
      • Eidolon: An Intergalactic Resort
      • Earthstation at SF Metreon
      • Arrival at Adriana
      • Personal Entertainment Guide
      • Excursion Pods
    • Makers’ Faire — exhibition to present the company’s projects
    • Learn more about Xulu Entertainment on their website
    • Research (posters, talks, technical & art papers, student research competition)
    • Learning (Birds of a Feather event, courses, talks, panels, production sessions)
    • Experiences (art gallery, emerging technologies, Real-time Live!, Studio, VR Village)
    • Computer Animation Festival
    • Events (job fair, keynote, co-located events)
    • More information on their website
    • Exhibition includes companies ranging from Autodesk, Dell to Microsoft
    • Interested? Fill out this form

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