Spring 2017 First Club Meeting

Original Facebook event

This is the first general meeting for computer graphics officer and members for spring 2017 semester. Justin Tennant, our club president gave a brief intro to the club about plans, events, goals, and explanation on computer graphics. Then, members showcased their work. And, finally, everyone introduced themselves in separate groups.


  • Computer Graphics Club Introduction
    • Officers:
      • President — Justin Tennant
      • Secretary — Karl Lapuz
      • Treasurer — Samanvitha Basole
      • Marketing — Vina Kong
      • Events/Social Chair — Shelley Wu
    • Club Advisor:
      • Professor Robert Bruce, CS department faculty
    • General Goals:
      • To expand technology on campus
      • To unite the art, design, engineering, and science departments
      • To connect to the computer graphics industry
    • Semester Goals:
      • To identify & build a community within the club
      • To send a group of students to SIGGRAPH

Activities & Club Events:

  • Showcase Video
    • CADRE Club
    • CtrlShift by The Hive
    • Orc Head by Benjamin Morgan
    • Works by Arthur Baney, Faranak Keshmiri, and more
    • Hololens Project by Shelley Wu
  • Group Discussion
    • Questions individually:
      • Name
      • Interest
      • Any projects?
    • Questions as a group:
      • What does Computer Graphics mean to you?
      • How would you describe your experience in computer graphics?
      • What would you want to do with the club, and why?
  • Nanci Solomon talk
    • Who: Nanci Solomon, co-founder of Xulu entertainment and a pioneer of virtual reality back in the early 90’s
    • When: Friday, March 24, 2017 @ 3-4pm
    • Where: Student Union Meeting Room 2B

Other Notes:

  • Vice President position
    • Passionate about Computer Graphics and/or need leadership experience? There is an open vice president position for the club
    • Contact Justin ( if you are interested in the position
  • Club Communication
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    • Sign up to use Slack
    • Note: Enter SJSU email address
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