Fall 2016 Third Club Meeting

Original Facebook event

Justin Tennant, our club president, gave a quick presentation during club meeting with officers and members about future events for the rest of Fall 2016 semester, club logo suggestions, and more future plans. At the end, members were asked if there were anything they would like to see more of the club. There was finger snacks such as cheese, crackers, and fruit!

Club Events and Activities:

  • Upcoming Demo Workshop
    • What: VR Demo Day
    • Who: Prof. Robert Bruce
    • When: Friday, December 2, 2016
    • Where: Engineering Bldg. Lab 246
    • Website
  • Upcoming Lecture
    • What: Experience working with engineers as an artist in CG industry
    • Who: Professor Steve Durie
    • When: Monday, December 5, 2016 (exact time TBD)
    • Where: TBD
  • Club Logo Discussion
    • Mockups & Ideas
  • Future Workshop Ideas
    • Introduction to Unity
    • Continuation of OpenGL presented by Prof. Bruce
    • OpenGL Shader, Render, Blender
  • Group Courses
    • Tell us which courses you would like to learn!
    • When: Spring 2017
  • Hackathon
    • What: A hackathon hosted by multiple clubs (SWE, IDEAS Club, SCE, CS Club, CG Club) is in the works
    • When: Spring 2017
    • Where: TBD
  • Potluck
    • What: A potluck coordinated by different clubs to hangout and network
    • When: First week of December (specific date TBA)
    • Where: TBD
  • Club Communication
    • Want to get involved in our discussions? Join us in Slack!
    • Sign up to use Slack
    • Note: Enter SJSU email address
  • Membership/Newsletter Sign-Up
    • Sign up to get updated on our club activities and Computer Graphics related events