Fall 2016 Second Club Meeting ft. Mark Cordell Holmes

Mark Cordell Holmes Talk

Original Facebook event

Mark Cordell, former pixar animator, gave a talk about his college and career experience being an animator.

Club Events and Activities:

  • Movie Night
    • What: Toy Story!
    • When: Thursday, October 27, 2016 @ 3pm - 6pm
    • Where: Student Union Meeting Room 4A
  • Group Courses
    • We will be posting a poll on Facebook regarding which group courses would you like to learn
    • Vote here
  • Open VR Session
    • What: Open VR Session; demo on HTC Vive
    • Who: Prof. Robert Bruce will host an
    • When: Tuesday, October 20 from 1pm - 6pm
    • Where: Engineering Bldg. Rm 246
  • Raffle
    • Today‚Äôs Raffle Winner: Tony Luong, congratulations!
  • Mark Holmes talk + Q&A