Fall 2016 First Club Meeting

Original Facebook event

This is the club’s first meeting with officers and members after it became official by SJSU Associated Students. Justin Tennant, our club president, introduced the purpose of the club and brief explanation on computer graphics. Club officers introduced themselves, and members briefly introduced their major and year. Then, Justin discussed future plans. Members, who attended, were entered in a raffle for a Google cardboard.


  • Introduction to the club, its officers, and its goals/purposes
    • Goals:
      • Expand technology on campus
      • Unite art, design, engineering, and science departments
      • Connect to the computer graphics industry
    • Attendees introduction

Club Events and Activities:

  • Mark Cordell Holmes Talk
    • Who: Mark Holmes, SJSU & Pixar alumni
    • What: “Waves of Technology” talk and Q&A
    • When: Thursday, October 20th @ 11am
    • Where: Student Union Meeting Room 3A
  • Intro to OpenGL Workshop
    • Who: Prof. Robert Bruce, CG club adviser & CS professor
    • What: API for 2D and 3D graphics, need basic knowledge of C/C++
    • When: Thursday, October 13th @ 11am - 1pm
    • Where: Student Union Meeting Room 3B
  • Movie Night
    • Toy Story!
    • A Facebook poll is published regarding which time works best for everyone. Vote here
  • Future Workshop Topics
    • Computational Creativity
    • Digital art production software / techniques
    • Mathematics of image processing
  • Raffle
    • The winner gets a Google Cardboard and will be announced on the next meeting which is on October 20th @ 11am
    • Sign up to enter
  • Club Communication
    • Want to get involved in our discussions? Join us in Slack!
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    • Note: Enter SJSU email address
  • Club Committees
    • The Marketing Committee and the Events/Activities Committee are still open!
    • Contact Justin ( if you are interested in the position
  • Membership/Newsletter Sign-Up
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