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VR Demo Day

Try out virtual and augmented reality at Lab 246! We'll have demos running of ocean & space exploration, painting in VR, Google Earth, and nearly 100 more games to try out!

ENGR 246 —

First General Club Meeting

Are you interested in Augmented or Virtual Reality? Are you a game developer or an artist that want a new medium to create your next project? You're in luck! Please come out to our first general meeting of the year to learn more what we have to offer!

BBC 326 —

HoloLens Demo with Microsoft

Riaz Ali, Director of Hardware Engineering at Microsoft, will be presenting a live demo of the Microsoft HoloLens holographic computer.

Lab 487, Engineering Building —

Introduction to OpenCV

Our club's own advisor, Professor Robert Bruce, gave an introductory talk on OpenCV, a widely adapted, free, and open-source computer vision library.

Student Union Meeting Room 5 —

Rendering for AR & VR

Michael Finder, a professor at San Jose State University and a software engineer at Google, gave a talk on the challenges of rendering for AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality).

Student Union Meeting Room 1A —

Spring 2017 Second Club Meeting ft. Nanci Solomon

Nanci Solomon talked on her decades-long experience in the VR (virtual reality) industry, being CEO and co-founder of Xulu Entertainment, demonstration on her company's techonology, and much more.

Student Union Meeting Room 2B —

Spring 2017 First Club Meeting

This is the first general meeting for computer graphics officer and members for spring 2017 semester.

Student Union Meeting Room 3B —

Introduction to AR & Unity

Xiao Li Wu, senior computer science student, gave a technical workshop on working with augmented reality (AR) in Unity3D.

Sweeney Hall 241 —

Coding and Artists

Professor Steve Durie, who teaches at SJSU, gave a lecture about being an artist working with technical industry.

Student Union Meeting Room 3A —

VR Demo Day

Virtual reality (VR) demos on SteamVR games were at SJSU Engineering building. Computer graphics club members and non-members were there to test out the HTC Vive.

Lab 246, Engineering Building —

Fall 2016 Third Club Meeting

Justin Tennant, our club president, gave a quick presentation during club meeting with officers and members about future events for the rest of Fall 2016 semester, club logo suggestions, and more future plans.

Student Union Meeting Room 3A —

Movie Night

This is the club’s first social meeting by watching the original Toy Story movie.

Student Union Meeting Room 4A —

Fall 2016 Second Club Meeting ft. Mark Cordell Holmes

Mark Cordell, former pixar animator, gave a talk about his college and career experience being an animator.

Student Union Meeting Room 3A —

Introduction to OpenGL

Professor Robert Bruce, computer graphics club advisor, presented an introduction to OpenGL technical workshop.

Student Union Meeting Room 3B —

Fall 2016 First Club Meeting

This is the club’s first meeting with officers and members after it became official by SJSU Associated Students.

Student Union Meeting Room 3A —