About the club

Goals and the officers

The Computer Graphics Club is a student organization at San José State University, in San Jose, CA. Formed out of a need to represent students with an interest in computer graphics, the CG Club aims to be an asset to student life by connecting the SJSU community to the CG industry.


The Computer Graphics Club at SJSU focuses on three goals:

  1. Expanding awareness & presence of computer graphics technology on campus.
  2. Uniting and sparking collaboration between the design, digital art, engineering, and science departments.
  3. Connecting students to the companies, software, events, and technology of the computer graphics industry.

This spring 2017 semester, our goals are to:

  1. Build and identify a community among the club
  2. Send students to the SIGGRAPH 2017 conference


Justin Tennant


A busy senior with big dreams, doing my best to unify technology and art! Currently working on: A real-time, markerless, single camera facial motion capture system.


Samanvitha Basole


3rd year Computer Science major and Business minor with special interest in information security, artificial intelligence, table tennis, and drawing.


Karl Adrian Lapuz


2nd year Computer Science major and Graphic Design minor with special interest in mobile app development, website development, and photography.


Vina Kong

Marketing/Public Relations

2nd year Animation/Illustration major and Computer Science minor with special interest in concept design, film, and game design.


Shelley Wu

Social/Events Chair

Hi! I’m Shelley, and I work on events and social involvement for the Computer Graphics Club. I’m a computer science major focused on topics in computer graphics, such as computer vision and virtual reality. In my spare time, I scroll through my customized news feed on animals, art, politics, tech, fashion, latest trends, travels, and food.



Robert Bruce

Club Advisor