Computer Graphics Club

Powering Silicon Valley, by graphics!

The Computer Graphics Club is a student organization at San José State University.

Latest news:

SJSU eCampus VR/AR Project Opportunity –– October 3, 2017
Lecture/Workshop Topics Poll –– September 30, 2017
FIRST Fall Club Meeting! –– September 29, 2017

Upcoming events:

The club has three main goals:

Connect our students to the computer graphics industry

We aim to go outside the campus, at connecting our club members to companies near and far us – getting students to those companies, and to the computer graphics conferences and events that are hosted around the year, like SIGGRAPH. We want to send people out to see what’s the latest in the industry, what new tools are out there, to learn and get connected with it all.

Bring computer graphics technology to our campus

We want to bring the exciting world of CG to us, so that we can get caught up on the latest in virtual reality tech, or GPU acceleration, or physically based rendering. We want to not only make technology accessible to us here, but to connect us to that expanding industry - get hands-on kits and tech that we can work with for our classes and personal projects.

Connect the art and science departments at SJSU

We want to break down barriers - between the art & science, and the design & engineering departments. We mean films, research, creative software, animation pipelines, projects that go beyond the courses and get people involved and working together. Computer graphics isn’t just tech, and it’s not just art – it’s both. And we want to demonstrate that.